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What Does Boredom Do To You? - 10 Activities To Do At Home To Cure Boredom.

Updated: Jun 21

Bored lady at the office looking out the window
Image from Unsplash

I have found myself staring into nothingness these past few days. Like jeez why is everything so quiet all of a sudden? But I should probably not complain because the universe or whatever has a sick way of using my words against me. (Sometimes at least).

You know it's sooo bad and hard to recover when you decide to do schoolwork. I have completely lost my mind because when did doing schoolwork sound fun?!

Okay, maybe that was a liittle dramatic because it can be fun....depending on the subject.

I read so many books these past few weeks. Some because I was avoiding school (No wonder I had work to do) while others I had nothing else going on.

I'm still surprised at how the brain works. You're telling me I can sit in one spot and think about everything and nothing at the same time. Because I would have the feeling my mind is so full but when I get out of the trance I don't remember anything. Is that a symptom of something?? Even if I Google it what am I supposed to search..."Why can't I remember what I was thinking a few minutes ago?" Yeahhh I shouldn't have gone on Google, my brain hurts more from all the information. But good news, I don't have it that bad...if I can believe what I read online at least.

When I'm bored I don't tend to do a lot since there are not many things that excite me.

Since I'm perfectly fine with being inside the whole day, I'll list some of the things I do and maybe it will give you some ideas.

10 activities to do while you are bored at home

Of course, there are a lot more but these are the go-to 10 activities that work every time. For me at least since I'm not a big fan of parties or stuff like that.

1. Read a book

I'm not surprised this is number one on my list. I love reading a good book. Usually fictional books are my thing but I try to dive into psychological books. What better way to work on yourself than reading books right? But we have to give credit to fictional authors for their creativity so complex to cure boredom.

Piles of books and magazines

2. Listen to music and act like you're at the concert.

This is a must once in a while. The dopamine you get from being home alone and having your own concert is an introverted person's dream. Be the singer, the backup singer, the backup dancer, the band, the DJ, or even the conductor who directs an orchestra if you want. Be creative and have fun with it. My neighbors are lucky I don't have a big speaker otherwise I would make the concert feel more realistic hahah. (Just kidding I'm not that cruel.)

Crowded concert
Image from Unsplash

3. Look at nature

When I say look at nature I don't mean that one plant in the corner crying for some water.

I mean NATURE nature; flower gardens, trees, plantations. Now I know not everyone lives near the woods or is more of a city person but there's no excuse. There are a dozen videos online with nature sounds with a waterfall in the background and others with wildlife animals.

Talking about videos brings me to my next activity.

Flower garden

4. Watch videos you like

I am not joking when I say I binge-watched the new series of The Rookie on Netflix. I blame one of my friends for not shutting up about it till I caved and went to see for myself. Sadly I got hooked on it. If you are one of those people who predict what's going to happen before it happens...then don't watch it with someone else cause you will be a mood killer. The number of times I shushed my boyfriend because he kept mocking it and saying his predictions I swear...I almost kicked him.

YouTube helps A LOT with boredom. My lovely and annoying boyfriend introduced me to Impractical Jokers and the last few nights we have watched countless times. They are so chaotic but funny that it lifts your mood.

Person watching a video on ipad

5. Make art of your choosing

Art can be shown in so many ways. Calligraphy, poetry, photography, drawing, painting, music, dancing, etc etc. Even though I tried some of those and let's say I'm no Bob Ross or Ludovico Einaudi. But making art always gave me some peace of mind and something else other than boredom. I realize it gives you the space to express whatever emotion you may be feeling. Or what I like the most, mess around and see what I create. Which sometimes are good but other times really really cringy material. I chose the poetry side and yeah...cringing at some of the old drafts.

 Art supplies on table

6. Online shop

I have no business looking at online stores when I'm supposed to save up BUT it doesn't hurt to look. Sometimes I spend an hour just looking at things I want to buy in the future like a camera, guitar, clothes, gifts, aromatherapy stuff, and now bunny stuff because I'm a newly bunny mother. They are cute but it is not for the weak. The point is you find joy in shopping for things; if you can afford it then it's a bonus.

Online shopping products on laptop screen

7. Talk to and annoy your friends/family.

Nothing better than catching up with loved ones while annoying them at the same time. It's just too much fun not to do. But be aware if they are the type to do it back then that plan might backfire especially if you get annoyed easily. All in all, talking to them helps a lot and you don't even realize it sometimes.

Girl smiling at phone while texting

8. Sleep

This is one of my favorites back in high school. Nothing to do? Sleep. Too tired for homework? Sleep. Boredom? Sleep.

Even though I mostly slept to avoid life (not my best moments) I also did it to prevent boredom. To my dreams were creative enough to keep me entertained.

A cat sleeping on a striped blanket

9. Cook/bake a new recipe

I love cooking and baking. It's a challenge depending on how difficult the dish is to make. Nevertheless, it fills up your time and gives you something else to think about. Of course, you might get frustrated if it's not something you are good at but at least you can laugh at your efforts at the end. Last Monday I made Chicken Teriyaki Chow Mien and it was so delicious I wish I made a picture to show you all. Check it out and let me know how it went;)

Man with a pot in hand while cooking

10. Learn a new language

At an older age, it is more difficult to learn a new language compared to when we were kids but it's still a nice activity to keep you busy. Currently, I am learning Italian. I have been on and off with my journey but I have been consistent for...36 days now. That's a new record for me knowing how inconsistent I am with certain things. Plus it's kinda cool when you can brag about knowing a language, not many people take the time to know. I always never know if those few minutes of learning can help you in a situation later. (I will forever thank my high school Spanish teacher because a cleaning lady pointed me to the airport's bathroom in Spanish and I understood her. Imagine I couldn't understand, ugh the horror).

Black chalkboard with different languages written

Those were my top 10 activities I do and would recommend to anyone who's like me; introverted and low on energy. That's why I do things I like that don't require me to move too much but still enjoy what I'm doing.

Let me know if any of these activities helped cure your boredom because if not, I caaan make another post with different high-energy activities this time. For now, good luck getting rid of your boredom;)

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