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To New Beginnings

Updated: Jun 21

Sticker with the word "New" sealing a box

Hi there!

I'm new to writing blogs so don't be too judgmental now. Eventually, it will be easier to write my thoughts so enjoy the ride.

This is only the beginning because boy do I have a lot to tell you.

You are probably asking "Hmm, why is the name 'Girl, Please!' ?"

Well, that will be one of the many mysteries on this earth. Maybe just maybe I will explain it in the future but for now, you will never know *insert evil laugh*.


What was the reason??

Honestly, I had a vision one day. I realized that I could share my new hobby, which is poetry, to give other people some comfort. Cause I have found myself in many situations that I couldn't express with words so maybe the things I write could help someone else too.

Let's be real. I have no idea what the content of my first post should be so I will keep it short.

If you have any topic you would like me to talk about feel free to leave it in the comments.

Or if you want to remain anonymous you could send me an email, I really don't mind.

Just go to the contact area and write what you would like to tell me.


Who am I??

Well, you would know this if you read About me hmmm.......busted.

But in short, I'm a woman who goes by the name Amary Blu because that's what my friends call me and I would like to remain mysterious hihi. I just want my work to be separate from my real life, it just feels more appreciated then.

How about this...

At the end of every post, I will reveal a small fact about me. That way you get to know me more. Now that I think about it, I should make a random quiz to see if you paid attention. That sounds like a good idea, we'll see.

But enough of that till next time!

Ps. I'm no doctor or specialist. My blog is purely to share my thoughts and talk about random things.

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