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"How to Handle Conflict and Improve Collaboration in University Group Projects"

Updated: Jun 21

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I'm still asking myself this question if I'm being really honest here. I just can't wrap my mind around it.

Like seriously, how do you handle these types of situations?

Table of Content

The drama is sizzling!

I don't know who thought that it was a great idea to assign a group project of 6 students but they really messed up this time. Because tell me why I have to deal with drama now.

I was sick for 2 weeks, not a simple cold, not a little headache, not a bellyache. But SICK.

Coughing like crazy, almost making me throw up. You know when a cat is coughing from a hairball in their throat? Yeah exactly that, I sounded like that cat for 2 weeks straight!!

Anyway back to the story..

There's this guy in my group who is making the most of the group project without telling the rest. He wants to work ahead so APPARENTLY he took it upon himself to do that on his own. Look I have no problem with him wanting to work ahead but at least have the decency to let the rest of the group know, right? Or am I crazy? Where did the ability to communicate go hmm... tell me because I'm looking for it but I see it nowhere.

We had group coaching this week and only half of the group could attend. And you guessed it, he was there. We shared our view of what could go better. I was calm and collected, attacking no one cause I would like to keep the peace. But let me tell you, at the end of that meeting I wanted to yell at this guy in every language I know.

Not going to make you read a lot but to make it short, he was like:

"One or two days sick I get it but longer than that come on"
"If you're sick maybe come first 30 min of the class and then go home "
"There are some people in the group that still don't know if they want to continue this study"

I get what he means because being present in class is essential but there is this thing called a phone and from research, I learned that people normally use that to contact each other. And I texted multiple times that I am available to work on the project, but obviously from home. But anyway writing this now I'm not as mad as I was that day so let's move on.

What Are The Next Steps Moving Forward?

Step 1:

Bring the issue up the next time the group is complete.

Everyone should be informed of the situation and I'm not the only one that has issues with the way he is working.

Step 2:

Come to a new agreement.

A new way to work together because whatever this surely is not teamwork and we are not about to run after this guy.

Step 3:

Bring in the mentor/teacher who's guiding us with the project.

If the new agreement is refused then we have no choice but to inform a higher up. Hopefully, we can solve the problem.

Step 4:

The worst and hopefully doesn't come to it, decide not to work with him.

Because come on, it's a group project. If he is doing the work and only tells us when it's done how are we supposed to pitch in? I don't want to hear at the end "Oh I made the whole project." Absolutely not.

So yeah, let's see what next week brings us and pray it's less drama. At least this brought me a topic to talk about on this blog. I might give an update on how it went but no promises. In the meantime, I didn't forget about the clues to share who I am.

New Clue:

If you paid close attention you would know I revealed another thing about me but to make it easier here is a clue.

It involves multiple ways to communicate.

Till next time!!

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