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"Can Music Reset Your Life? Exploring the Healing Power of Sound"

Updated: Jun 21

Well hello hello. These will be the topics I discuss in this article. Hope you like it;)

Music has a unique way of influencing people's life.

There are a few occasions you can listen to music:

  • Music for concentration while studying

  • Chores like cleaning, washing clothes, etc

  • Any form of fitness

  • Parties (obviously)

  • Music to match the mood like heartbreak songs, singing in the shower, and road trip

  • And a lot more

Last week I didn't feel like doing anything. I sat on the couch and stared at the TV, mind you it wasn't on. So you could imagine how down my mood was. Normally I would let myself feel whatever mood I am in but that day I wasn't having it. I turned on the TV, connected to Spotify, and put the first uplifting song I could think about. I don't think you can guess what I put but if you did, major respect.

The first artist that came to mind was Pitbull (yes the singer and not a literal pitbull dog breed making music). There's just something about his songs that makes you feel alive so I put "Time of Our Lives" on (Funny enough I went to the city with the girls today and they played this song in the car). And let me tell you, even if I didn't feel like it, I was on my feet dancing the day away. And we can't forget about Ne-Yo who also sang in this song. He also has some bangers so I put "Miss Independent" next.

The more I sang the better I felt. I don't know how but I did. Of course, I felt better with uplifting songs because imagine I put "Before You Go" by Lewis Capaldi. I would be crying and pouring my heart out to the imaginary character that broke my heart.

So can music heal you?

The answer is yes. I'm no verified researcher or anything but from experimenting on myself (jeez that sounded so wrong) I definitely noticed how much my mood changed. Of course, it doesn't work 100% of the time because sometimes you are just stuck in a certain mood and no amount of songs can change that. BUT, if you are open-minded then expect to have a different mood in the first hmm let's say 20 seconds.

Example: A week ago I was surprised with Sony earbuds. I HAVE BEEN TOLD they are very good but of course, I had to put them to a test. I never had earbuds before because I have tiny ears and I know it will fall out but until now it works fine. Annoying when it falls out but still good. Anyway, I keep sidetracking, so back to the story.

The Test

I can't even remember the first song I put but one of them was "B*tch Better Have My Money" by Rihanna. And let me tell you.....the bass was OOOOONNNNNNN. It got me acting like someone owed me money in real life. Me texting my mom like: "I didn't forget when you borrowed money from my birthday money pot. When are you paying me back hmm??" Mom if you are reading this I'm joking......half joking.

I tried different settings and I was enjoying myself. I can't really explain the feeling I got but it's similar to when you are home alone and you blast music so loud it's like you are at a concert.

Is music always good?

But as much as music can uplift your mood, it can also intensify your sadness or whatever bad mood you have. Like I said before I will get more in my feelings if I listen to a sad song. I mean... in that moment it was nice because then I could relate to something. But if you look further, constantly staying in that condition is not healthy. Not for me at least. Eventually, I would like to do something else than be in a negative state. My mind gets really dark if it's in that state for too long so that's why I appreciate "happy" music. Just music that makes me want to live again you know (jeez that sounded so dramatic). But everyone experiences the sound of music differently, so it's up to YOU to know how you let music affect your life.

So tell me, are you the type to use music to change your mood or do you rather put something to relate to that mood??

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