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Are Fantasy Book Readers Really Just Escaping Reality?

Updated: Jul 3

For the past few hours I have been reading a fantasy book and I can't seem to put it down for many reasons.

  1. I'm a fantasy reader to heart.

  2. The book is quite interesting.

  3. I would rather be submerged in that world right about now (Even though I know damn well that I won't survive A DAY there).

I don't know what it is about these types of books but the author does a very good job at pulling you in the stories. Don't get me wrong, half of the time I don't understand the terms the author uses but somehow I'm still intrigued.

You know when you find yourself procrastinating and all of a sudden you are cleaning or watching cute animal videos? Well, that's me with books and I'm sure other book readers would agree.


Creating your very own reality

No matter the type of book, I think everyone learns something new from each book. Since this post is about the fantasy world I will solely focus on that genre for now.

There is nothing better than your busy mind turning quiet. To literally feel you leaving this world and being in this other world created by another person's imagination. It's like there is this invisible bridge between the 2 worlds only accessible to the ones who want to escape this one. I can't even count how many times I have been on that bridge but sometimes I just wish it was real. (Of course without the danger of dying)

But honestly, I get a different feeling reading each genre. With fantasy, I feel some sort of freedom. I get this urge to explore the unknown world and maybe that's why I keep reading those more because I'm so curious to know what's out there. Even if it's not real, it could be in my mind. It's like when you are old enough to know that the Toothfairy is not real but in your mind it was and it made everything better.

Sometimes it's nice to believe something so silly, to submerge into something that gives you warmth and peace. Call me naïve or whatever but if I can get a moment to not have my body so tense then I will gladly imagine a dragon outside my window right now.


My Inspiration

Wars come at random,

With strategy there is wisdom.

Ready to battle for my freedom,

Oh to live in a faraway kingdom.

Like any other fairytale,

The fairies left us hanging with little detail.

If only they could have laid out a fairy dust trail,

Then our dreams would not have the urge to bail.

~Amary Blu

I wrote this a long time ago and almost forgot about it but it gives me the idea that no matter how old I get I will always wish to wander in a world filled with fantasy.

Also, you are not allowed to judge poorly of my writing, I was a teenager back then:)

But anyway hope you enjoyed reading this and if not then well...I didn't make you read it so tough luck.

Till next time!!

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