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Person sitting on grass with an open book while crossing their legs

Well well well, look who let curiosity win...

Welcome to Girl, Please!, the home of one of the most entertaining and engaging writers on the web. My pen name is Amary Blu, I'm 20 years old and I have many things that I would love to share with others. My writing is funny, relatable, and full of insights that are sure to inspire and encourage you. Whether you're just looking for a laugh or seeking some guidance on a difficult situation, Girl, Please! has something for everyone. 

The stories I share are not only my own, but those of people close to me as well. I hope that by sharing these stories, people will realize they are not alone in the struggles they face. By reading other people's experiences, they can find comfort and peace in knowing others have gone through similar struggles. Whether it is a funny or heartwarming anecdote or a story of struggle, I hope readers can relate to these stories and feel supported and understood. 

During a certain phase of my life, there was a time when everything seemed hard. However, amidst the darkness, I stumbled upon a peaceful gift in the art of writing poetry. I wish to share these verses with others, hoping that they may find peace and understanding in situations where words fail them. In the same way, it had failed me once.

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